Toll Free No. for Queries & Complaints
Please call our toll free nos. 18002333555 for your queries, suggestions and complaints. This facility is available to all across the country on 24 X 7 basis.
Calls are attended to by the Call Centre Executives from 8 am to 8 pm and through IVRS between 8 pm and 8 am.
Callers are given an Unique call ID on registering a query, suggestion or complaint. Callers can at a later date enquire on the status of their call by quoting the Unique call ID given to them at the time of registering their call.
The service is free of cost to the caller.
Preferred Time Delivery Scheme
In our constant endeavour to provide convenience to our esteemed Customers, we are pleased to announce the launch of Preferred Time Delivery Scheme.

The facility is being launched to start with for customers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangaluru, Hyderabad and Pune and also outskirts of these cities i.e. Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonepat, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Mira Bhayander etc. The scheme will be extended to all towns having population of about 10 lakhs in the near future.

Under the scheme, Customers can choose to receive the refill cylinder delivery at home on the day and time of his choice. The applicable charges approved by the Government as given in the table below:
Time Slot *Charges per delivery in Towns with population of ten lakh and above
*Charges per delivery in other Towns
   Before8 AM
   8AM  to 11 AM
   11 AM to 3 PM
   3 PM to 6 PM
   6 PM to 8 PM
   Only Saturday/Sunday
   ( 8 AM to 6 PM )
*Inclusive of Service Tax

The customer can opt for any one of the following three options

Preferred Time Customer
A Customer can opt for preferred time on any day starting from Monday upto Friday. Such a choice would indicate that he is ready to accept the cylinder on any day from Monday to Friday on the fixed time slot specified. If the delivery cannot be made on the preferred time slot on a particular day because the Customer is not available, the cylinder will be delivered on the next day same time slot.
Preferred Day and Time Customer
A Customer can opt for a day in addition to the selected time slot. This option means that the Customer is ready to accept the refill delivery only on the specified day and time. If the delivery cannot be made on the preferred time slot on a particular day because the Customer is not available, the next delivery will be made on the same day and time in the following week.
Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer
A Customer can opt for either Saturday or Sunday. This option means that the Customer is ready to accept the refill delivery at any time between 8 am and 6 pm on the preferred day. There is no option for a time slot on Saturday and Sunday. If the delivery cannot be made on the preferred day because the Customer is not available, the delivery will be made on the same day and time in the following week.

Domestic LPG being subsidized, customer will not receive the cylinder out of turn. After customer's refill booking matures, the cylinder will be delivered to him on the next preferred time/day/day and time as per the choice.
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Beyond LPG
Providing convenience being at the heart of every activity in Bharatgas, a value-added service to customers in an initiative known as ‘Beyond LPG’ was launched. Under this initiative, distributors make available to the customer branded products at their doorstep at attractive prices. This service is offered by select distributors in the network. The products range from durables to FMCG. Flame- retardant aprons add to the safety. High quality Suraksha LPG hose and fuel efficient hotplates are available through all distributors.
Please check with your distributor to avail of this service.
'SURAKSHA LPG Hose' - a new Brand of LPG rubber tube
In line with our commitment towards Customer's Safety. 'SURAKSHA' - a new Brand of LPG rubber tube for the homes, is essentially aimed at that. One of the most desired innovations of present times, this hose is
Flame Resistant
Abrasion, Ozone & Weather Resistant, hence no cracks
Strong (Steel wire reinforced) hence rats can't bite through steel wire.
Long Life (5 years guarantee)
» Leak Proof (Multiple Layers)
Designed after extensive Research at the Industry backed 'LPG Equipment Research centre', in Bangalore, this special reinforced rubber tube is now made available to the Customer.
Available Pack Sizes
To match the individual needs of customers, various pack sizes have been made available.
For Domestic kitchens - pack sizes of 14.2 kg. and 5 kg. cylinders
For Industrial / Commercial - pack sizes of 5kg, 19kg, and 35 kg. and 47.5 kg. as well
as bulk LPG
Assistance to switchover from other fuels to LPG
LPG is an ideal fuel for various Commercial & Industrial applications because of its properties. We are pleased to offer you Assistance in Designing and Commissioning of LPG installation for Industrial & Commercial sector.
Packed LPG Installation
LPG can be used for economy and convenience in the following applications:
» Cooking
Hot Food Cabinets
» Water Heating
» Lighting
» Space Heating in Poultry
Industrial Applications viz. Furnaces, Glass Industry, Ferrous Industry, production of Endo and Exo gases for Metallurgical Applications, Ceramic Industry, Textile, Paint Baking, etc
The cylinder installation for Commercial & Industrial applications can be designed with a package size of 19 kg. 35 kg. and 47.5 kg. cylinders.
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Bulk LPG installations

Bulk LPG Installation is being used in following LPG Applications
Heat Treatment in auto industry, Paint , Baking, Firing of Stoneware, Feed Stock, Metal Melting, Forging, Annealing, Stress Relieving, Glass Melting, Metallurgical applications like Annealing, Billet Heating, Melting, Descaling, Stress Relieving, Mould / Cupola / Ladle Pre-Heating.
Advantages of LPG
Portability for packed LPG
Ease Of Control
High calorific value
LPG as a fuel is instant start & required temperature is achieved in a short time. The flame temperatures can be controlled even upto + 2 deg. Celsius.
Self Pressuring: LPG is stored under pressure & thus no pumps or gravity system is required to get fuel flow to the burner.
Clean Combustion: LPG, while it burns, the complete combustion is achieved with Carbon dioxide level of 13-14 % and has very low pollutant level.
Low Maintenance: The LPG burner design is very simple, which makes burner maintenance free. LPG attains complete combustion, the carbon deposits on burner are very low, and this gives burner a long life.
In case you need any assistance, you may contact our nearest LPG Territory office or contact
Our Customer Care Toll Free no.1800224344
Email :

Piped LPG

Assistance in Designing and Commissioning of Reticulated supply of LPG (Piped LPG supply in residential complexes)
Reticulated system is supplying LPG through pipeline network from a centralized cylinder bank or bulk installation to the customer's kitchen. The system is designed through multiple pressure regulation stages to reach LPG to the users at low pressure to make it safer.

What are its advantages?
It provides continuous supply of gas at the turn of tap
» Eliminates cylinder refill booking
» No need for cylinder handling and possible damage of the floor/ lift
» Easy and effortless operation with increased convenience
» Increased safety in the kitchen
» Valuable space saving in the kitchen
» Payment as per actual consumption of gas through gas meters
» Saving of time and no need to block money for 2nd cylinder
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Accident Insurance Policy
No fault Liability and Accident Insurance Policy
To take care of any unforeseen circumstances, Bharat Petroleum has made available a legal liability and no fault liability accident insurance policy to the customer. The highlights of the policy are as under
The monetary value of coverage under no fault liability
» Personal accident cover of Rs.5,00,000/- per person per event in case of death
» Covers medical expenses of Rs.15 lakhs per event , maximum Rs.1,00,000/- per person.  Immediate relief upto Rs. 25,000/- per person.
» Property damage maximum Rs.1,00,000/- per event at authorised customer’s registered premises.
» It also covers customers who are supplied through reticulated system of LPG.

In case of any unfortunate accident, please take assistance of your distributor or contact our nearest office to know how to proceed with lodging the claim.